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Location Services

Relocation is complex and stressful.

From the CEO to the employee’s families, relocating affects every part of a person’s life. Most often the employee is fixated on the location of the property, as well as the comfort and design, to ensure their family's wellbeing. As you know, each relocation comes with its own demands regardless if it is a single individual moving to a major metropolitan city, a group move to a domestic rural community, or an international move to a place where few have had the opportunity to travel to.
Unfortunately, when it comes to housing options, many housing providers are limited to offering their own apartments or limited supply chain, even if they don’t meet your requirements. Some will simply do an internet search and find “possible options” without a property visit, a call to the management company, or a search on tenant reviews. What if there was an organization that provided the confidence and expertise need to find the ideal solution based on all your determining factors, requirements and policies?
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Why Location Services?

Location Services by Nectar Furnished Apartments works hand in hand with our clients to find the best available solution. Once identified that Location Services can provide the comfort and confidence required, we will begin the Location Services Accommodation Evaluation Inquiry Process. These steps will help determine if Location Services is right for you. At Nectar, our Nectar Alliance Partnership (NAP) ensures we have the extensive network and the global relationships to support your needs.
With the completion of the SLS Accommodation Evaluation Inquiry Process, we can determine the best solutions available. Once we know more about your needs through SLS, you are better equipped to have your employees travel anywhere in the world.
At Nectar, we treat you like part of the family. To learn more about SLS, contact us at