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Nectar Alliance Partnership

We Make Your Life Easier

Your employee needs to travel to a new city, you call your housing provider and you are given a property profile and a rate. Do you ever wonder “how did they select this property for me?”
Today’s traveler is looking for more than a bed, free WiFi, and cable. They want a local expert, an experience which makes them part of the community, and something unique and memorable. They also want to help small businesses prosper and most importantly, they want the confidence that they have selected a provider who cares about them like family.
temporary housing in London

Nectar Alliance Partnership is simple and transparent.

Imagine a provider that hand-picked its housing partners, management companies, real estate developers and vendors all over the world. These partners are selected based on their local expertise, consistency, and exceptional service, all while being truly focused on the guest experience. Your housing provider remembers that budget, location and value are an important part of every decision.

The NAP ensures that our clients get our best as well as the best from the brotherhood of our partners. When you join the Nectar Alliance, you become a true partner and join our family. Nectar Alliance Partners promise to be genuine and trusted partners and are never referred to as part of a wholesale supply chain of options.
Nectar is committed to helping small businesses prosper by sharing knowledge, connections and best practices. Most importantly, when you are part of the NAP, you have the promise that as a provider, we care about one another like family.

How do you become a trusted member of the NAP?

  • It starts with a handshake – a symbol of trust and respect among all members of the NAP
  • Promise to always be transparent, honest and sincere
  • Always treat the guests of Nectar like your own family
  • Go above and beyond to help solve any problem
  • Always extend the best available pricing the first time
  • Money is never the motivator, rather our relationship is everything
  • Deliver the best in services and always the highest commitment to excellence
  • Aim to provide something unique and consistent every time
  • Commit to upholding the same values of our Nectar family values
  • Share knowledge, best practices, and refer opportunities that will help our business, our guests, and our clients in every way

When you are part of the Nectar Alliance Partnership, you are NAP Trusted and part of a very special extended family. For more information, email or click on the following button to send us a quick message: