Announcing the Nectar Alliance Partnership

February 11, 2016

It’s official. We’re looking out for our clients by pledging to provide the best-in-class service and pricing to our guests. It’s part of the “Nectar Alliance Partnership (NAP)”, a network of businesses taking that same pledge. The NAP is a global network of businesses providing their shared pool of guests and clients with top notch service and pricing.

Prospective partners – such as real estate developers, housing providers, furniture vendors, management companies, and others – that are invited to apply for membership in the NAP will be selected by the Nectar executive team based on their relationship with the company. The Principal of each business must also sign-off on “The Promise”, which is a set of core commitments that encapsulate the NAP’s ethos, mandate and vision:

  • Always be transparent, honest, respectful, and honor commitments to all members of the NAP.
  • Always enhance guest experience by leveraging local expertise.
  • Always treat Nectar’s guests like family.
  • Always go above and beyond to help solve any guest problem.
  • Always extend the best available pricing the first time.
  • Always make everything about relationships — never about profits.
  • Always deliver expertise and services at the highest levels.
  • Always aim to provide something unique and consistent every time.
  • Always uphold Nectar’s family values.
  • Always share best practices with other NAP members, and provide referral opportunities that help guests and their businesses in every way.

There is no fee to join the NAP, and in return for making and upholding “The Promise”, partners will benefit by accessing valuable best practices, insights from peers within and outside their industry, and by receiving referrals from their fellow partners – or as Nectar Furnished Apartments’ CEO Ken Flornes prefers to put it, “a sharing family is a healthy family.”

Each partner will also receive a NAP “Seal of Authenticity”, which can be displayed on their website, marketing material, company literature, social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn), and elsewhere to demonstrate their commitment to putting customer service ahead of profits.

“At Nectar, we are very proud of the relationships that we have developed over the years with truly customer-centric businesses,” commented Mr. Flornes, who in addition to leading Nectar’s portfolio of luxury apartments, also serves as the Treasurer of the New York Council of Relocation Professionals (NYCORP). “With the creation of the Nectar Alliance Partnership, our selected partners promise to provide the best in both price and service to all of our guests. We can all do well by ensuring the best for our guests, as we help small businesses reach more clients and increase their brand recognition.”

For more information on the NAP, email Nicole Moses at